The Gratitude Journal: The art of appreciating your way to better health, wealth and lifestyle!

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Gratitude is the express energy that brings greatness into your life. By using The Gratitude Journal to support you in your expressions of gratitude, you will find yourself attracting the lifestyle, energy, and experiences that you only dreamt of. The author, Tina Torres has taken this journey herself and guides her clients through it to bring about the results they desire. Welcome to the journey.


Robert Gal:
This journal teaches you to focus on being grateful every single day. You get what you think about.
This journal is a great way to start and to end your day. I love Tina’s story, sharing how expressing gratitude was able to bring her out of some of her darkest times. It’s a beautiful journal – filled with daily scriptures and a habit-building skill. This journal takes “journaling” to a whole new level by focusing on gratitude every single day. Become obsessed with gratitude and it will change your life.
Stephanie Hamilton:
This is such a beautiful and well-written journal. I love all of the quotes and scriptures that are included throughout. It’s amazing how my mindset has changed now that I start the day with gratitude and end the day with gratitude. I highly recommend this book and it will also make a great gift!
Maria Rivaldo:
As a US Marine Corps veteran having experienced decades of heartache and tragedy I finally have a genuine tool that works for hand in hand with the “Good Book ” My daily reading (10 days and nights ) is starting to bring back the feeling of Love and self-worth for myself!
Every Veteran should be using it!


Tina Torres is a Client Retention Expert. She’s been recognized as a top-performing sales associate, awarded #1 in her region, and a top income producer, using her proven system for building strong customer relationships. Tina is the best-selling author of The Gratitude Journal.

She is the founder of the Connection to Client Blueprint – a proven follow-up method to enhance relationships with clients and potential customers. Her mission is to show the world how implementing gratitude into your daily life can change your business.
Tina is a Morning Talk show host, best-selling author, and global speaker. She has helped thousands learn how to attract, connect, and convert more prospects and now has put everything into this book for you!

She lives in Charlotte, NC where she is living an attitude of gratitude and showing the world how to build relationships that matter.

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The Gratitude Journal: The art of appreciating your way to better health, wealth and lifestyle!
The Gratitude Journal: The art of appreciating your way to better health, wealth and lifestyle!
$2.99 $5.90
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