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Beyond Gratitude: Strategies to Help You Attract, Connect, and Convert your Prospects

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Retaining your customers can be an on-going challenge for companies. Customer loyalty is something you have to create. Customers are easily swayed away by your competition, even if they had a positive experience with your brand. Tina Torres, the Client Retention Expert, has developed a proven system to help your company stay ahead of the competition and build a strong following of loyal customers. She put all her content into this book to provide every entrepreneur what they need to succeed. Whether you are a newbie to the industry or a seasoned entrepreneur this book is a MUST read Her clients call her the Queen of Follow Up. Tina is a specialist at taking your business to the next level by increasing your revenue, retaining clients, and creating raving fans.

Tina Torres is a Client Retention Expert. She’s been recognized as a top-performing sales associate, awarded #1 in her region, and a top income producer, using her proven system for building strong customer relationships.


Dagmar M. Torres:

Indeed, Tina went beyond gratitude in this book. My life is a charmed existence now. In Chapter 1, “The Black Sheep,” Tina candidly spilled the tea. I could relate to her story on so many levels, and through this book, I lived with her every comeback on her story (Can you hear the cheers?). I am certain that many people will relate to Tina too.

Chapters 2 through 18 are pure gold! If you are an entrepreneur or thinking about turning into one, this book should be in your toolbox. You will find tips on how to gain and retain customers, how to succeed in your business, the pros- and cons- of email and text, and so much more. After reading this book, you will feel ready to attract and connect more with people, but most importantly, you will learn how gratitude can take you beyond your dreams. I highly recommend this book!

Robert Gambled:

What a wonderful and interesting collection of tips and ideas.

There’s a healthy balance of mindset and business advice, but where it really seems to shine in my opinion is in its insight on connection with current and potential clients. I’d definitely recommend it for anyone starting or building their own company who wants to make sure to maintain a harmonious base of people who buy from you. The social media engagement aspect helped as well, and I look forward to implementing what was presented. Overall a pleasant and easy read that reminded me of some important tips AND gave me new insights on others I hadn’t heard of yet Two thumbs up!

Ralph Hmizon:
Tina!!! Way to go… this book is something so many need to hear when it comes to building your business… it’s about RELATIONSHIPS!
In the book, Tina takes the readers through SIMPLE strategies or activities when building their business using online tools!!! It was a very easy read which then helps the application process even better. Definitely a great addition to anyone in business, network marketing, whether new, old, or needing a refresher!!!

About The Author:

Tina is the best-selling author of The Gratitude Journal. She is the founder of the Connection to Client Blueprint – a proven follow-up method to enhance relationships with clients and potential customers. Her mission is to show the world how implementing gratitude into your daily life can change your business. Tina is a Morning Talk show host, best-selling author, and global speaker. She has helped thousands learn how to attract, connect, and convert more prospects and now has put everything into this book for you! She lives in Charlotte, NC where she is living an attitude of gratitude and showing the world how to build relationships that matter.

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Beyond Gratitude: Strategies to Help You Attract, Connect, and Convert your Prospects
Beyond Gratitude: Strategies to Help You Attract, Connect, and Convert your Prospects
$5.00 $10.98
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